Difference Between a Lead and Opportunity in Salesforce

What’s the difference between a Lead and Opportunity?

A lead is basically a person that has contact information that you should be able to sell to, they have been created because they have contacted you in someway with some sort of need whether this be that they filled out a contact form on your website or they exchanged business cards with somebody at a tradeshow. …

Apex: Converting Lists to Sets, and Sets To Lists

As many Salesforce Apex programmers know, in Salesforce it’s pretty much an unchallenged best practice that all code should be able to handle bulk inserts, updates, etc. When adhering to this best practice, it’s really common to use sets, or lists as parameters in functions. Sometimes, there’s a need to convert between lists, or sets, or maybe even maps. …

5 Incredible Resources for Learning to Program Salesforce

5 Incredible Resources For Learning to Program Salesforce

Salesforce is an incredibly large and customizable platform with hundreds of different features. Learning to use Salesforce can be difficult, but learning to program and manage Salesforce is even more daunting. Below I’ve provided you with the best resources I could find on programming Salesforce. ┬áBefore jumping into learning to program apex, I recommend you…

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How to have a Visualforce Page Download as a pdf

When creating applications it’s a pretty common request to be able to create a formatted report or file in pdf file format.

For the most part, most customized pages and data can be easily converted into a PDF file without having to make many changes. In Salesforce, we can change customized Visualforce pages to create a pdf file by using the renderAs property and set the value to pdf.

Mastering Application Development with Force.com

Book Review: Mastering Application Development with Force.com

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Twitter about Kevin Poorman releasing a new book about programming in Salesforce Apex and really mastering the development environment. Kevin Poorman’s “Mastering Application Development with Force.com” covers a lot of different parts of Salesforce’s Force.com platform that aren’t well covered elsewhere.

Book Review: Practical Salesforce.com Development Without Code

Practical Salesforce.com Development Without Code written by Phil Weinmeister has been recently released. I think the book really targets those new to the Salesforce platform and does a wonderful job of providing examples and providing a reference that will be useful in the future. Phil Weinmeister has done a phenomenal job putting together some different…

Salesforce Spring15 Including Mapping Features

Salesforce’s Spring 15 release is going to include mapping and geolocation for address fields. I believe, location based features started appearing before I started using Salesforce. Even more exciting, is that visualforce will include a map component. The mapping component appears to be using Google Maps, but this could probably change. The new mapping component…

Dreamforce 2014 Notes: Writing Apex and Visualforce Using Re-usable Patterns

Why use patterns: patterns help us be more efficient patterns describe reusable solutions to common problems Bulk Processing Caching create triggers w/ ability to process hundreds of lookups challenge: queries, DML, memory collect all keys from trigger object in Set Object Query once using SOQL in clause with key set cache results in map object…