How to Rename a Salesforce Aura Component

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Out of the box, Salesforce doesn’t provide an a way to rename a Salesforce Lightning Component (Aura), but don’t worry there is an easier way than creating a new one and copying everything over.

Previously, we would do all of the following steps:

  • create a new component named what we want it to be and then copy in all of our code.
  • update everywhere to use the new component
  • we would open up the Developer Console -> File -> and then click delete for the component
  • Test and make sure everything is still working.

We can now instead do this:

  • In the developer console or wherever we can run and update SOQL run this query: SELECT Id, DeveloperName, MasterLabel FROM AuraDefinitionBundle
  • Update the correct record’s “DeveloperName” to be what you want it to be. Click Save Rows or Update Record.
  • Test and make sure everything is still working.
Sharing is Caring