What is the Serverless Framework?

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The Serverless Framework is a free open source framework that allows us to easily build applications on cloud providers like AWS using serverless computing. By utilizing Serverless development and IT operations teams are able to quickly build functions and the events that will trigger them.

How the Serverless Framework Works

It works by building, compiling, and packaging the code for deployment to the various providers and making sure that dependencies are installed correctly. The framework creates the serverless infrastructure upon demand and then deploys the code by converting the yaml files into AWS CloudFormation and then doing the necessary packaging.

The Serverless Framework abstracts away all of the craziness of the cloud provider’s SDKs and maintains its state in a folder called .serverless that will be in the root of your project’s directory.

Business Benefits of Serverless Framework

On the teams I’ve worked on, we’ve been able to quickly build and deploy identical environments between staging and production or to deploy to new regions very quickly.

If your company is intending to develop and use microservices, it’s a great first step in setting up the infrastructure and hiding quite a bit of the complexity.

Sharing is Caring

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