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Getting started with Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework Logo

The Serverless Framework allows us to abstract away quite a bit of the complexity from setting up lambda functions and the necessary events to execute them, especially through the API gateway.

In this blog post we look at how to set up a simple project to use the serverless framework.

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How to Adapt to Serverless Computing

Adapting to Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is a really new and very trans formative change that allow companies to grow and scale their businesses very quickly. Serverless computing done correctly has the potential to dramatically increase development velocity, and reduce costs. In my blog post, What is Serverless Computing I covered what it is and some of the vendors that are available.

Adopting serverless computing makes a lot of sense for companies, but there are steps that you need to do before you can begin moving to serverless technologies. One of the first things to make sure you and your team understand is that serverless computing is primarily event driven and functional programming has the potential to make things a lot easier. Continue reading

What is the Serverless Framework?

Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is a free open source framework that allows us to easily build applications on cloud providers like AWS using serverless computing. By utilizing Serverless development and IT operations teams are able to quickly build functions and the events that will trigger them.

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AWS/ Serverless Fixing AccessDeniedException

“Unhandled rejection AccessDeniedException: Your access has been denied by EC2, please make sure your function execution role have permission to CreateNetworkInterface. EC2 Error Code: UnauthorizedOperation. EC2 Error Message: You are not authorized to perform this operation.”

That’s a pretty annoying error to receive when deploying from Serverless to AWS, but the fix is really pretty simple.
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