Hi, I’m Brian! I am a passionate full stack developer experienced with Salesforce, JavaScript, Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I love creating new products and innovating. I <3 automation and creating digital products.  I have worked in the Canadian Army, telecommunications, market research, and e-commerce.

You can find out more about me, view my LinkedIn profile, or browse the articles I’ve written.

Most Recent Articles

NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments – Doesn’t Support CPA – 005 - The NetSuite stock Electronic Bank Payments module doesn't actually support the CPA-005 format.
Generating A PDF in Nodejs - The PDF format is one of the most common file formats for transmitting static information. It's a really common request for businesses to be able to export a document or data into a really well-formatted PDF file whether it be an invoice or a report.
Understanding With Sharing and Without Sharing In Salesforce - Security in Salesforce and on the Force.com platform can be really hard to understand. In this blog post, we're going to have a look at the "With Sharing" and "Without Sharing" Apex keywords.
Software Architect Elevator Book Review: The Software Architect Elevator - This year for Christmas I was really blessed to receive The Software Architect Elevator book from a family member. Gregor Hohpe has done such an incredible job putting incredibly technical details into a really easy to follow book.
Salesforce Logo Fetching All Fields in Salesforce – Spring 2021 Edition - In Salesforce, the Standard Query Language (SQL) didn't have a great way of doing SELECT * or select all fields but that changed in Spring 2021.
Enforcing Object Level and Field Level Permissions in Apex - This past year, Salesforce has finally released some security enhancements that can make our lives easier as developers. There's two enhancements that can really improve our code and reduce the use of the Schema.sObjectType methods.
Setting Up DKIM in NetSuite - Adding a valid DKIM record to NetSuite is pretty easy! Follow these instructions to get it done in a few minutes.
What is doing NetSuite development like? - Programming on any cloud platform can be a really frustrating experience. NetSuite has a lot of the same quirks and annoying things that other platforms have whether it be Salesforce, SharePoint, or something else.
NetSuite: View Recent Logins - Auditing the number of users and who the power users are of NetSuite is unfortunately one of those things Administrators need to do just as the company begins it’s renewal process. Answering questions like can we reduce the number of users and save dollars is always important. In NetSuite, it’s pretty easy to see who…