Hi, I’m Brian! I am a passionate full stack developer experienced with Salesforce, JavaScript, Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I love creating new products and innovating. I <3 automation and creating digital products.  I have worked in the Canadian Army, telecommunications, market research, and e-commerce.

You can find out more about me, view my LinkedIn profile, or browse the articles I’ve written.

Most Recent Articles

Salesforce Logo Common Reasons Salesforce Integrations Fail - Moving data between systems consistently through an integration can be difficult especially given all of the limits that Salesforce throws at us! The purpose of this blog post is talk about all of the common reasons that a Salesforce integration could fail.
Salesforce Logo Reasons To Integrate Salesforce - When we integrate something we are connecting two applications or systems together so they can talk to each other and share data. There's a lot of business benefits to integrating Salesforce with other systems whether it be your enterprise resource planning system (ERP), your accounting software (Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, etc), or even your case management system.
Salesforce Logo Integrating Salesforce With Other Apps – A Series! - Salesforce has really transformed a lot of companies I've been involved with because it's made the sales team way more effective and allowed all people that need access to know what's going on. Integrating Salesforce with other apps has the potential to dramatically improve efficiency and productivity in businesses.
How to Perform SOAP Requests With Node.js - SOAP is basically an XML based API that existed before the REST API existed. SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol - it's a mostly legacy protocol that was designed for doing remote api requests in a language independent way. From time to time unfortunately, we'll need to call a SOAP API.
5 Best Practices For Writing Great Release Notes - Release notes are usually written in the present tense and provide details about any changes in a new software version.
Best Practices for AWS Lambda & Logging - Having your application / system produce the right amount and quality of logs is just as important as having the system process the needed data because it helps make debugging easier and allows us to better optimize data. Logging on AWS lambda can be really costly if it's not done correctly.
Cloud Cloud Design Principles - Cloud computing is basically using servers whether they be for databases, storage, application or something else through the internet. Cloud computing's inherent strengths are elasticity, ability to automate infrastructure management, enhanced reliability and reduced cost.
nodeJS Logo Connecting to MySQL from Node.js - For the most part, it seems to be that NodeSQL databases are the defacto standard with Node and JavaScript developers. Using MySQL is still an option and can make a lot of sense if the project already has an existing database.
JavaScript Tricks to Save Time & Frustration JavaScript Tricks to Save Time & Frustration - In my everyday life as technology leader ("tech lead") and full stack developer I run into a lot of problems that need to be solved every day.