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  • Salesforce Spring15 Including Mapping Features

    Salesforce’s Spring 15 release is going to include mapping and geolocation for address fields. I believe, location based features started appearing before I started using Salesforce. Even more exciting, is that visualforce will include a map component. The mapping component appears to be using Google Maps, but this could probably change. The new mapping component […]

  • Dreamforce 2014 Notes: Write Apex Tests Using Best Practices

    One of the hands on training sessions I attended was “Write Apex Tests Using Best Practices” which really proved to me that a lot of what I believed and was doing were right. Without further ado, here’s my notes: Goals for tests Auomated methods that verify application integrity Future Proof Proactively Identify Problems before they […]

  • Dreamforce 2014 Notes: Writing Apex and Visualforce Using Re-usable Patterns

    Why use patterns: patterns help us be more efficient patterns describe reusable solutions to common problems Bulk Processing Caching create triggers w/ ability to process hundreds of lookups challenge: queries, DML, memory collect all keys from trigger object in Set Object Query once using SOQL in clause with key set cache results in map object […]

  • Looking Back at Dreamforce 2014

    I was really blessed to be able to attend Dreamforce and learn even more about Salesforce. While attending there, I attended a lot of the different keynotes and saw a lot of the new exciting features in action. Dreamforce Sessions At Dreamforce there was dozens of interesting sounding sessions. There were a few different ones […]

  • Standard Salesforce Object Id Prefixes

    Standard Salesforce Object Id Prefixes

    The first three digits of an Id is an identifier to the type of entity that the object is. It doesn’t matter if the Id is a 15 digit or 18 digit id.

  • Salesforce Development Tips for the Novice

    Salesforce Development Tips for the Novice

    For the last eleven months or so, I’ve been working a lot as a salesforce developer.  In this time, I’ve learned an incredible amount about Salesforce. This blog article is a culmination of all the different things I’ve experienced and learned along the way. The syntax for Salesforce Apex is very similar to Java, but there’s […]

  • What are Salesforce Future Methods?

    What are Salesforce Future Methods?

    In this blog post, we discuss Salesforce Future methods and how to use them.

  • Introduction to Salesforce Workbench

    Introduction to Salesforce Workbench

    I recently found out about Workbench for Salesforce at Dreamforce. Workbench is a web based set of tools that’s designed for Salesforce Administrators and developers to interact with Salesforce.com using the Force.com APIs. Using Workbench it’s pretty easy to view data, do data loading, perform SOQL queries or SOSL searches, etc. After logging in successfully […]