Reasons To Integrate Salesforce

When we integrate something we are connecting two applications or systems together so they can talk to each other and share data.

There’s a lot of business benefits to integrating Salesforce with other systems whether it be your enterprise resource planning system (ERP), your accounting software (Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, etc), or even your case management system.

Declutter Your Salesforce Org

Decluttering Your Salesforce Org

Salesforce orgs tend to become cluttered with technical debt and functionality that is no longer being used. The longer the technical debt and unused functionality is allowed to exist the more expensive it becomes because of confusion, complexity, and potential project delays.

In this blog post, we have a look at how to identify technical debt and how to begin removing it.

How to Use CRM to Grow Your Business

How to Use CRM To Grow Your Business

Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is vital to growing a company’s business because having a relationship with customers is vital. In this post, I will detail how to use crm to grow your business by implementing it correctly, making sure staff are using it and providing a few really good tips to automate business processes which will help reduce costs and drive revenue.…

5 Strategies to get Around SOQL Query Limits

5 Strategies to get Around SOQL Query Limits

In Apex, there’s quite a few constraints that are strictly enforced because the platform is a shared multitenant environment. Quite a few of the limits result in runtime exceptions that can’t be handled.

For those familiar with Salesforce, it’s no secret that there’s a lot of limits. For example, there’s limits around the ViewState which were pretty painful to work around.

One of the first limits, I believe all new Salesforce developers hit is the limit for a maximum of SOQL queries that can be done.…

Apex Trigger Best Practices

Apex Trigger Best Practices

Apex Triggers are very powerful and are easily one of the most important parts of Salesforce because they significantly impact all database operations (inserts, updates, deletes, etc. ) With this incredible power and flexibility there’s a lot of room for problems. In my career as a Salesforce developer, I’ve looked at hundreds of different apex triggers and realized there are a lot of points of failure with apex triggers. This post is a very high level list of best practices and why they are important for apex triggers.

Dealing With Duplicate Data in Salesforce

Dealing With Duplicate Data in Salesforce

Overtime, it’s easy for a Salesforce org to accumulate duplicate Leads, Contacts, Accounts and of course Opportunities. Duplicate data usually means that there’s some bad practices in your sales process or that staff aren’t checking to see if a contact or lead already exists. Companies rarely spend a lot of their time focusing on the data and how clean it is within their systems, but data can be a huge asset when making business decisions. Bad or duplicate data can result in a lot of time wasted by sales staff.…