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  • What is Digital Transformation?

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to re-engineer business processes, culture, employee experiences and customer experiences. Digital Transformation shouldn’t have a start and an end date, they are always on processes. Not a project!

  • How to Use CRM To Grow Your Business

    How to Use CRM To Grow Your Business

    Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is vital to growing a company’s business because having a relationship with customers is vital. In this post, I will detail how to use crm to grow your business by implementing it correctly, making sure staff are using it and providing a few really good tips to automate business […]

  • 5 Ways to Increase CRM Usage

    5 Ways to Increase CRM Usage

    Implementing CRMS like Salesforce into an existing company can be really challenging if users aren’t interested in using it or resistant to change. I recall the first time I integrated Salesforce into an organization, we had a very difficult time getting the sales staff to actually use it. Eventually we found a way to get […]