Reasons To Integrate Salesforce

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Reasons to Integrate Salesforce is part of the blog post series: Integrating Salesforce With Other Apps – A Series!

For those not aware, Salesforce is internet based software for customer relationship management. It allows your company to have a consistent view of each and every customer.

When we integrate something we are connecting two applications or systems together so they can talk to each other and share data. Integration is necessary to sync or move data. Before you or the company can start an integration it’s really important to know what you’re hoping to get from the integration and what the key performance indicators are.

There’s a lot of business benefits to integrating Salesforce with other systems whether it be your enterprise resource planning system (ERP), your accounting software (Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, etc), or even your case management system.

Increased Productivity

In the past, I’ve worked with a lot of companies that copy and paste data to ensure its’ in the both systems. Often the manual work is really low value, contains a lot of mistakes and is really bad for morale.

Well integrated systems will include data quality checks and do processing to make sure things aren’t missed. Instead of duplicating data staff can focus on improving sales or providing better support to customers.

Improved Communication

It’s no secret that Sales and Support teams need to work together. Integrating support’s ticketing system and the sales team’s crm closes the loop between sales and support teams and allows them to communicate better.

Sales and marketing also need to communicate clearly to create a great sales process. Leads need to flow to the sales team quickly to be actioned before they stale.

Improved Reporting

Employees are able to get more detailed and relevant reports potentially in any of the connected systems which helps them make better decisions.

The more data that’s available, the more can be converted into useful insights for better decisions.

Streamlined processes

Employees constantly having to switch between systems are wasting a lot of time which is needlessly costing companies.

Integrated systems should play well together meaning it should be much easier to use point and click processes instead of code.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Connecting multiple systems allows your staff to get a complete view of the customer whether it be their support needs, their billing history or even their sales history.

Over time, this data can allow companies to offer a more personalized experience which will likely result in improved customer satisfaction


As you can see, there’s some really big benefits to integrating Salesforce with other systems. Integrating systems has the potential to ensure alignment across teams whether it be across departments or across leadership levels.

Integrating and extending Salesforce with systems has a potentially high return on investment.

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Brian is a software architect and technology leader living in Niagara Falls with 13+ years of development experience. He is passionate about automation, business process re-engineering, and building a better tomorrow.

Brian is a proud father of four: two boys, and two girls and has been happily married to Crystal for more than ten years. From time to time, Brian may post about his faith, his family, and definitely about technology.


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