How to Sync Quotes using Apex

How to Sync Quotes using Apex

In Salesforce, quotes are a representation of prices that have been proposed to a customer for products or services. If you aren’t familiar with opportunities, quotes and products please review my post about Designing a Sales Process in Salesforce.

An opportunity may have lots of quotes associated to it but only one quote may be synced to an opportunity at a time. Quote syncing links a quote a specific opportunity which allows updates to update between the Opportunity and Quote. Basically, when an Opportunity is added or removed it can be removed from the list of Opportunity Products without having to write any code. Keep in mind that this means Opportunity Products will be automatically removed and readded. I have been confused a few times by this.…

Difference Between a Lead and Opportunity in Salesforce

What’s the difference between a Lead and Opportunity?

A lead is basically a person that has contact information that you should be able to sell to, they have been created because they have contacted you in someway with some sort of need whether this be that they filled out a contact form on your website or they exchanged business cards with somebody at a tradeshow. …