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How to Automatically Convert Leads in Apex

How To Automatically Convert Leads In Apex

In the blog post “What’s the difference between a Lead and Opportunity?” I spent a bit of time covering how leads are converted into accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Basically, a lead is converted when the sales person thinks that there’s actually an opportunity to sell them something. In a lot of cases, it might make sense of for leads to be automatically converted after a field is set to a certain value. For example, a lot of companies might want to automatically convert a Lead as soon as the Sales Rep has completed ANUM or BANT.

To convert a Lead into an Account, Contact and an Opportuninity we need to make use of the Database.convertLead method.

What’s the difference between a Lead and Opportunity?

Difference Between a Lead and Opportunity in Salesforce

A lead is basically a person that has contact information that you should be able to sell to, they have been created because they have contacted you in someway with some sort of need whether this be that they filled out a contact form on your website or they exchanged business cards with somebody at a tradeshow. Continue reading

Best Practices for Salesforce Lead Sources

Best Practices for Salesforce Lead Sources

“Lead Source” is a standard picklist field on the Lead which is used to determine where that particular Lead came from.

This field is highly valuable to a skilled marketing team because it will allow them to evaluate how the leads they are acquiring are doing for the sales team.

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