How to Choose an Apex Trigger Framework

How to Choose An Apex Trigger Framework

If you have been programming on the Salesforce/ platform for any amount of time I’m sure you have come into contact with Apex Triggers. If not, Apex Triggers are units of code that execute whenever a database operation occurs. I’ve put together a post about Before and After Triggers that you should read if you aren’t very familiar with how triggers work.

Apex Triggers can get complicated very fast if your company has a very customized Salesforce Org. Apex Trigger Frameworks are a way of offering generic functionality that structures code in a certain way. If you were to use a building metaphor we could say that a framework is the supporting structure of the building – it’s the steel or wood shell that supports the building. Trigger Frameworks are very good at enforcing trigger best practices.…

How to Use Salesforce Custom Settings

How to Use Salesforce Custom Settings

When developing on Salesforce’s platform it’s essential to avoid hardcoding application settings because a deployment will be required every time something needs to be changed. Application Settings could be anything really, but often it’s things like an email address, ip address, or even a passkey. For those not already aware, a Salesforce deployment can take hours to finally happen which may cause significant downtime in some businesses. …