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  • WAMP Server Not Accessible on Port 80

    WAMP Server generally runs fine without any problems, although sometimes we have to make some configuration changes because of other software monitoring ports. Skype, for example, is commonly using port 80 to communicate and stopping apache from responding. If you’re using WAMP and apache at the same time, you need to left click the WAMP […]

  • Windows Service – Marked For Deletion

    Windows Services,especially managed .NET ones , can be extremely difficult to deploy if not done correct initially. Errors, of course, can also be very difficult to diagnose if theres a problem immediately after the server starts. Occasionally, as a developer you need to uninstall the service whether it be through sc delete, or installutil /u […]

  • Subversion On Windows?!

    It’s no secret that I have been contact almost daily by Technical Recruiters , often the job advertisements that the technical recruiters have been sending me include a requirement for Microsoft SourceSafe experience. I often wonder a company would choose SourceSafe to manage their code as it doesn’t really do a good job: the only […]

  • Windows Server 2008 – SMTP Doesn’t Work on Restart

    I have a few applications that use the Windows SMTP Server to send email or to send email from SQL Server Reporting Services and of course database error notification. Each time the server restarted or IIS crashed neither of which happens often, I would forget I needed to go into IIS6 and start the SMTP […]

  • How To Edit the Hosts File in Windows 7

    I’m an Administrator on my installation of Windows 7 and had to edit the hosts file for one of my projects. I wasn’t able to make the changes though because it kept saying file was in use. I realized that I need to run notepad as the administrator and then I could make my changes! […]

  • Installing PHPUnit on WAMPServer

    Installing WampServer and PHPUnit doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out this post on how to install PHPUnit on WampServer.

  • Reducing Download Speed in Firefox (Throttling)

    Conveniently, Firefox Throttle meets my needs exactly and allows exclusions for specific websites or specific IP Addresses.

  • Skype API Basics – Part 1

    What is the Skype API? The Skype API is an easy way to create plugins that can dramatically change the way Skype functions. For example, we could make a program that reads messages out loud as we receive them instead of having to check for new messages. The Skype API is potentially very different for […]

  • Dell Studio: Epic Fail

    Dell fails again, this time with a Dell Studio 1550.Keys being pressed weren’t being sent properly to Windows 7, and LEDs weren’t properly lit. Solution seems to be removing the battery and pressing the power button for 10seconds.

  • PHP On IIS & My Epic Battle (Failed to write session data)

    Always make sure that you modify the session.save_path to somewhere meaningful and ensure the directory has the correct file permissions.