Dell Studio: Epic Fail

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At work today, I had a user come see me regarding his keyboard suddenly not working on his Dell Studio 1550 laptop which the company bought about a month ago. Keys being pressed weren’t being sent properly to Windows 7, and LEDs weren’t properly lit.


  1. Remove the battery
  2. Press and hold the power button for about 10seconds

Apparently, this solution removes static build up?

Author: Brian Cline

Brian is a programmer living in Niagara Falls with ten years of development experience. He is passionate about automation, business process re-engineering, and gamification. For the last six years or so, he has been working with Salesforce and JavaScript.

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Sharing is Caring

One Response to “Dell Studio: Epic Fail”

  1. I just had same issue. I was just working on my Dell Studio 1550, then it just shut down. After booting again keyboard didn’t work.

    Doing what you said I thought I’m doing some weird voodoo… but hey – it worked!

    Thanks for sharing this tip!