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  • Component returned failure code: 0x805e000a

    Error: uncaught exception: [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x805e000a []” nsresult: “0x805e000a ()” AdBlock interferes with the XmlHTTPRequest object and is known to sometimes break the way jQuery functions especially if the url triggers some sort of url filter. You have a few options to resolve the solution: suggest that users turn off AdBlock if […]

  • Easily Take Screenshot of Page in Firefox

    Every web developer or computer programmer spends time taking pictures of websites for their portfolio. Taking screenshots of pages that have a scrollbar has always been really difficult for a developer and often requiring sometime stitching images together in Photoshop. I found a plugin for firefox called Screengrab! that actually can take screenshots of the […]

  • Reducing Download Speed in Firefox (Throttling)

    Conveniently, Firefox Throttle meets my needs exactly and allows exclusions for specific websites or specific IP Addresses.