Reducing Download Speed in Firefox (Throttling)

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At work, I often need to download extremely large files (software updates, etc) that can severely cripple internet usage for other staff. Unfortunately, additional bandwidth or internet providers aren’t currently available in our area and purchasing new hardware is out of the question because of budget constraints. Typically, I use Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP so finding an addon to better throttle my downloads shouldn’t be difficult. I also would like to be able to restrict only bandwidth to certain sites and not restrict any internal network traffic whatsoever.

Conveniently, Firefox Throttle meets my needs exactly and allows exclusions for specific websites or specific IP Addresses.

  • Included Features:
  • Limit download and upload rates for all open Firefox windows/tabs and downloads
  • Bursting mode (allow short rate “bursting” after inactivity)
  • Preset and custom limits
  • Configurable lists for IP addresses and domains that should be throttled or excluded from throttling
  • Automatically excluded LAN IPs

After running, Firefox Throttle for four hours I have found it to meet my needs and have also found out there’s a plugin for Internet Explorer too called IE Throttle.

Sharing is Caring

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