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  • Setting Up Caching on Apache

    Setting Up Caching on Apache

    For the majority of websites, a great amount of the content doesn’t change from day to day or even month to month. When a site gets a lot of repeat traffic we can dramatically reduce the load and costs by caching.

  • Skype API Basics – Part 1

    What is the Skype API? The Skype API is an easy way to create plugins that can dramatically change the way Skype functions. For example, we could make a program that reads messages out loud as we receive them instead of having to check for new messages. The Skype API is potentially very different for […]

  • Open Source Week 2009

    I am so excited to say that I finally booked everything I need to attend the Toronto Open Source Week. In a couple of weeks time, I will be spending a couple of days in Toronto while attending the many conferences, workshops and presentations on open source software (GNU Linux, PHP, etc.) I am hoping […]

  • How do I check if Ubuntu is 32 bit?

    1. Open up the terminal 2. Type uname -m

  • Thoughts on Linux

    Almost a year later, and I don’t think I would ever consider going back to any of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

  • Becoming a Super User In Ubuntu

    In Ubuntu, by default, the root user’s password is locked. This means that we don’t know it and we can’t always sign in as root or unfortunately use the normal linux su command either.