Thoughts on Linux

Sharing is Caring

When I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) only at home in 2008, I believed this would be a temporary solution on an old desktop. I say temporary because my notebook stopped working and needed to be repaired.  Almost a year later, and I don’t think I would ever consider going back to any of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Even on a five year old desktop, I almost never experience hang ups or the infamous blue screen of death which I did manage to see maybe once or twice still in Vista. There’s no need to run a virus scanner as by default because viruses and worms aren’t as common for Linux and actually running without root privileges by default is possible compared to Windows which won’t run a lot of software without Root / Admin.

I’ve grown accustomed to being closer to the machine and being able to customize everything. I am ever so thankful to those programmers in the trenches that designed Linux and all the rest of the OSS applications.

Sharing is Caring

Brian is a software architect and technology leader living in Niagara Falls with 13+ years of development experience. He is passionate about automation, business process re-engineering, and building a better tomorrow.

Brian is a proud father of four: two boys, and two girls and has been happily married to Crystal for more than ten years. From time to time, Brian may post about his faith, his family, and definitely about technology.