Thoughts on Linux

Sharing is Caring

When I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) only at home in 2008, I believed this would be a temporary solution on an old desktop. I say temporary because my notebook stopped working and needed to be repaired.  Almost a year later, and I don’t think I would ever consider going back to any of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Even on a five year old desktop, I almost never experience hang ups or the infamous blue screen of death which I did manage to see maybe once or twice still in Vista. There’s no need to run a virus scanner as by default because viruses and worms aren’t as common for Linux and actually running without root privileges by default is possible compared to Windows which won’t run a lot of software without Root / Admin.

I’ve grown accustomed to being closer to the machine and being able to customize everything. I am ever so thankful to those programmers in the trenches that designed Linux and all the rest of the OSS applications.

Sharing is Caring
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