WAMP Server Not Accessible on Port 80

WAMP Server generally runs fine without any problems, although sometimes we have to make some configuration changes because of other software monitoring ports. Skype, for example, is commonly using port 80 to communicate and stopping apache from responding.

If you’re using WAMP and apache at the same time, you need to left click the WAMP Manager icon in the system tray and go to apache -> httpd.conf and look for a line that says: Listen 80 to instead use a different port like: Listen 8080.

Hope this helps!

WAMP Server On Windows 7 64bit

Getting WAMP to run properly on Windows 7 isn’t very difficult as long as the permissions are properly set. Also, keep in mind that you may need to modify your windows firewall settings, and bit defender if you have it running.

WAMP needs full administrator privileges which as you may be aware needs to be set in UAC. The easiest way to change this is to go into the C:wamp folder and right click wampmanager.exe and go to Properties and then Compatibility.

Check the “Run as Administrator” checkbox and then press Apply and Okay. You may unfortunately have to confirm each time your machine starts that it should have these privileges.