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  • Determine if Skype is Installed

    The easiest method of checking whether Skype is installed is actually to check for a Registry Key. We, of course, can’t check C:Program Files for a Skype Directory because the user could have installed elsewhere (or maybe if 64 bit the operating system did?) Skype’s API Document provides us with the following information: To check […]

  • Inline vs External JavaScript

    In general, we never should have embed JavaScript inside the same file as the HTML markup and should instead place the JavaScript into an external file. The content, presentation, and interaction code should all be separate to make your life easier as a website developer. Cleaner Code. Cleaner code is much quicker to find errors […]

  • JavaScript And Site Performance

    JavaScript And Site Performance

    JavaScript and the respective frameworks have really began to gain traction over the last couple of years. I would argue that most of the JavaScript frameworks are excellent, and truly are great for the user experience and for the programmer experience.

  • The Rise and Fall of Waterfall

    Sadly, I still think there are a lot of companies that still just think,code, guess, code, guess some more and maybe eventually come up with something. We need a repeatable process that should be fairly iterative.

  • Browser Redirection – Yahoo Answers

    I am having problems getting mozilla firefox to display my website correctly. It works fine on Internet Explorer. So I was thinking of making a mirror of the website that is made specifically for firefox browsers. Is it possible to code a website so that it detects what browser a visitor is using and them […]

  • Website Compatibility Testing (Chrome,IE,FireFox,Opera)

    How do you test browsers? I don’t usually try for perfect pixel positioning in every browser, but if the client asks I won’t complain!

  • PHP On IIS & My Epic Battle (Failed to write session data)

    Always make sure that you modify the session.save_path to somewhere meaningful and ensure the directory has the correct file permissions.

  • Open Source Week 2009

    I am so excited to say that I finally booked everything I need to attend the Toronto Open Source Week. In a couple of weeks time, I will be spending a couple of days in Toronto while attending the many conferences, workshops and presentations on open source software (GNU Linux, PHP, etc.) I am hoping […]

  • Books I’ve Read

    Sometimes, when I have applied for full time employment in the past I have seen job ads or received responses from companies asking what books I’ve read. Nearly every time, I have heard this question I was so shocked because I didn’t ever keep track of what I had read or where I had gleamed […]

  • Sending Emails from C#.NET

    Emails are incredibly easy to send from .NET especially your typical plaintext email. We will be making use of the System.Net.Mail namespace along with an smtp server you should already have setup or you could use a free one like Gmail.

  • Read a Whole Textfile Into a String

    At work, I’ve been working on an auto html emailer.   I’ve been receiving files from our Latin American office that are completely in spanish and trying to sift through the HTML and recreate the email taking into account size and the fact that Outlook 2007 still doesn’t accept background images and most CSS. Anyway, one […]

  • How To Stop A .NET Form from Closing

    How to stop a form from closing in the .NET Framework

  • Mouse Overs For ASP.NET

    Have you ever wanted to have the ability for the colour of a row to change when your user moves the mouse over top of a particular row, and then change the colour back whenever the cursor is moved back off? Well, this process isn’t very difficult in fact using some knowledge of JavaScript & […]

  • Testing

    All I can say about this is awesome!

  • Creating a Simple RSS Feed

    RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and is an XML specification published by the W3C. RSS became a standardized specification around June 2000. This is meant to be a very simple primer on developing an RSS feed. Please note that this is not meant to replace a detailed book or the specification created […]

  • Programming Excel Using Visual Basic 6

    Programming Excel Using Visual Basic 6

    Microsoft provides the ability to programmatically created spreadsheets using Excel. The process isn’t overly complex, but the twist is that the intelisense is almost nonexistent in Visual Studio 6.0.