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  • CSV Parser

    For some of my work, I work on data importers and other different tasks which require dealing with CSV and tab delimited files which can often be very challenging to parse. I was sick of rolling my own csv/tab delimted parser, so I went ahead and found one that worked very well on CodeProject simply […]

  • COMP 306: Course Review

    COMP 306 is a class about C++ and definitely required some previous experience programming in C, C# or some other object oriented language or variant of C. I finished the class a few months ago and have been very busy at work implemnting business intelligence and creating data quality checks and balanaces. (Only makes sense […]

  • Sending Emails from C#.NET

    Emails are incredibly easy to send from .NET especially your typical plaintext email. We will be making use of the System.Net.Mail namespace along with an smtp server you should already have setup or you could use a free one like Gmail.