COMP 306: Course Review

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COMP 306 is a class about C++ and definitely required some previous experience programming in C, C# or some other object oriented language or variant of C. I finished the class a few months ago and have been very busy at work implemnting business intelligence and creating data quality checks and balanaces. (Only makes sense since I work for a knowledge based company!)

Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel is the primary resource for the class. Thinking in C++ is a fantastic book, but I really feel that it suffers quite a bit by not including the answers to the questions in the book and requiring you to purchase a digital book if you want the answer key to the book.  The handbook for the course is pretty well written and covered most of what I felt was important related to C++ and object oriented programming: the last few chapters of the book could have used some additional explanation though.

The exam is based off of the four individual assignments and is pretty fair: my only complaint regarding the exam is that sometimes programming on paper can be challenging. I did very well in the course, not really a surprise considering I programmed for about five years before taking the class. Over all, I can say I would take the class again and found that it wasn’t too difficult and that the marking was pretty fair and that Richard Huntrods was definitely very available and helpful in both email and the class forums.

Sharing is Caring

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