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  • jQuery + PHP to parse XML

    jQuery is very well suited for cross browser JavaScript development, but I bet you didn’t know jQuery is also fairly well suited to parsing XML. I often use jQuery to send XMLHttpRequests and then parse the XML returned by a PHP script on the server and then manipulate the return in some way. I won’t […]

  • MODx Revolution – Dynamically Generating Google SiteMap XML

    Google SiteMap and the other web tools provides a way for the owner or webmaster of a site to easily submit all of the pages to Google and keep track of which ones are crawled and indexed. Wikipedia provides a much more detailed description which goes beyond the scope of this post. I didn’t want […]

  • Creating a Simple RSS Feed

    RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and is an XML specification published by the W3C. RSS became a standardized specification around June 2000. This is meant to be a very simple primer on developing an RSS feed. Please note that this is not meant to replace a detailed book or the specification created […]