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MODx How To Properly Link To a Page

In MODx, it is always preferable to link to another page using the document id instead of using the friendly alias because sometimes MODx Evolution has a package that is appearantly capable of using the alias instead of the document id to provide a working link to another page.

The reason you shouldn’t use the alias instead of the document id is because it isn’t unheard of to have google or other search engines incorrectly access another page perhaps one that isn’t even available.

Using the document id is done in the following manner for Evolution:

>a href = "[˜77˜]"<Link to document 77>/a<

Using the document id is done in the following manner for Revolution:

>a href = "[[˜77]]"<Link to document 77>/a<

The documentation for MODx Revolution is really geat and should be used to learn additional things.

Hope this helps!

MODx Revolution – Dynamically Generating Google SiteMap XML

Google SiteMap and the other web tools provides a way for the owner or webmaster of a site to easily submit all of the pages to Google and keep track of which ones are crawled and indexed. Wikipedia provides a much more detailed description which goes beyond the scope of this post.

I didn’t want to have to manually try and figure out which links are children of other links for my own site (which again only has 5 pages anyway!) or other things like that, so I was looking for an automatic way to generate the google sitemap and then be able to provide it to google.

MODx Revolution has a plugin called GoogleSiteMap which uses a snippet called GoogleSiteMap I created a page, set the template to empty, and called the snippet directly on the page and then took the xml it created and pasted it into an xml file to submit. The XML it generates even correctly does the last modified date.

Hope this helps!