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  • MODX Base HREF

    There’s a lot of sites incorrectly showing how to use site_url in both MODx Evolution and MODx Revolution. Primarily, I use site_url with the html base tag. If you don’t already know the base tag goes inside head and specifies the default address. In MODX Revolution, our code in a template would look like: <head> […]

  • MODx Code Mirror

    Code Mirror is a great addition to MODx Revolution that serves as a very useful EditArea replacement.

  • MODx How To Properly Link To a Page

    In MODx, it is always preferable to link to another page using the document id instead of using the friendly alias because sometimes MODx Evolution has a package that is appearantly capable of using the alias instead of the document id to provide a working link to another page. The reason you shouldn’t use the […]

  • MODx Revolution – Dynamically Generating Google SiteMap XML

    Google SiteMap and the other web tools provides a way for the owner or webmaster of a site to easily submit all of the pages to Google and keep track of which ones are crawled and indexed. Wikipedia provides a much more detailed description which goes beyond the scope of this post. I didn’t want […]

  • Wayfinder in MODx Revolution

    When I first tried MODx Revolution (which I did try before MODx Evolution) I found the documentation to be pretty good except about snippet syntax. The tag syntax has changed from MODx Evolution to MODx Revolution. [Wayfinder? &startId=`0`] has to changed to [[Wayfinder? &startId=`0`]] More information can now be found here for all of the […]

  • MODx – Evolution – 1st Impressions

    I haven’t been using MODx for very long, but I have worked with several other content management systems previously and experienced both the good and the bad with them. MODx appears to be a fairly simple MVC style content management system with a bit of a pluggable architecture. I haven’t written any plugins for MODx, […]