Category: SQL Server

  • SSRS – Useful Header / Footer Expressions

    SQL Server Reporting Services is an excellent tool for controlling the output of reports and having reports created dynamically and even emailed to users. On all reports, I generally try to add a header and footer that will allow the users to quickly see the details of the report. Generally, it’s a great idea to […]

  • SQL Server – Get Only the Date

    Very often, I need the date of some data and do not like to convert the date to a varchar and then proceed to format it or convert it back to a date. One of the official Microsoft sanctioned ways is: SELECT DATEADD(dd,0,DATEDIFF(dd,0,GETDATE()))

  • SSRS Doesn’t Respond

    Every few months, especially after a windows update, I find that SQL Server Reporting Services’ ReportManager just won’t load. There’s no errors, there’s nothing in the System Event Log or any reason that I can see for the reportmanager never loading. I usually end up out of frustration stopping the reporting services, stopping IIS, and […]

  • Get List of Tables and Creation Date from SQL Server

    Getting information from the SQL Server system tables is relatively easy and can be a great way of checking whether you completed some task or whatever. I use the following query or some variant to see when I’ve done something or what I named it or whatever. SELECT name, create_date FROM sys.tables order by create_date

  • SSSRS Number Stored As Text

    Today, while changing a report in SQL Server Reporting Services I noticed that my report when exported to excel was showing the dreaded “Number stored as text.” When a value was 0, I was replacing with a blank string. By changing it to return Nothing. I was able to get rid of the dreaded Number […]

  • SSRS 2005 Report Manager Browser Fix

    As anyone that works with Microsoft products (especially older ones) knows, it can be extremely difficult to get one of their products to work well across different browsers. In SSRS 2005’s Report Manager the reports appear to look scrunched because the size hasn’t been properly set on an iframe. Unfortunately, we have to fix part […]

  • SQL University & #SQLHelp On Twitter

    In the last three months, I can say that I have learned more about SQL Server than ever before because of the SQL University put together by Jorge Segarra and many other very vocal members of the SQL Server community. SQL University started with very simple introductory blog posts, and has now moved onto much […]