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SQL University & #SQLHelp On Twitter

In the last three months, I can say that I have learned more about SQL Server than ever before because of the SQL University put together by Jorge Segarra and many other very vocal members of the SQL Server community. SQL University started with very simple introductory blog posts, and has now moved onto much more advanced topics like high availability, back ups, career development and even a little bit about business intelligence.

I’ve really benefit from all of the work by the volunteers and can’t wait to eventually contribute my own posts, discussion and feedback to the authors and community at large. Today, I had a very large problem when updating SQL Server 2005 with no updates whatsoever to SQL Server 2005 SP4 and was able to get some very valuable help and feedback from posting on twitter with the #SQLHelp hashtag.

I can’t help but say how much I appreciate all the help, and valuable learning that has been provided! Keep up the great work!