RESTful API Design Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet covering RESTful concepts for design and development.

The cheatsheet is one page and covers versioning, designing consistent URIs, HTTP methods, HTTP status codes, error handling and authentication/authorization.

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Resolving Slow WordPress Websites

Website loading at a snail's page

Slow WordPress websites can be difficult to improve especially if we don’t have a plan on how to resolve the problem. I have a list of five recommendations that I always look at doing when trying to resolve speed issues.

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What is integration middleware?

Integration middleware is software that is used to fill the gaps between applications and databases. That means it allows remote systems to communicate with one another and even do transformations between systems.

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API Style Choices

APIs come in many different styles and types. Before running into a style we need to understand the different options and the trade offs that we are making.

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Getting started with Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework Logo

The Serverless Framework allows us to abstract away quite a bit of the complexity from setting up lambda functions and the necessary events to execute them, especially through the API gateway.

In this blog post we look at how to set up a simple project to use the serverless framework.

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