Book Review: NetSuite for Consultants: A handbook for ERP and CRM consultants to implement NetSuite 2021 quickly and easily

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I received a free review edition of NetSuite For Consultants: A handbook for ERP and CRM Consultants to implement NetSuite 2021 quickly and easily from Packt Publishing.

Peter Ries has been a consultant at NetSuite for quite a few years, he’s currently a consulting Technical Director at NetSuite.

Those that know me know that I have worked with NetSuite, and other enterprise systems quite a bit over the last fourteen years or so. I’m likely not the target audience for the book, but I did enjoy it and learned a few things.

I think the book would be a good reference guide for someone just getting into NetSuite consulting or looking to implement NetSuite in their business.

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are very well done. I’ve never seen anyone cover Creating a Project Plan so well in such a short book.

I found it very refreshing to read in Chapter 18: Managing Gaps and Creating Custom Automations that Peter suggested avoiding creating customizations and using as much standard NetSuite as possible.

We should start with a set of best practices in mind, then, for each and every
feature in the system, explain them to the client, and get their feedback.
Clients will usually not be shy about saying what could work for them and
what needs to be changed.”

There are quite a few nuggets like the above paragraph that clearly explain how a consultant should be guiding a client. The client is assuming, as they should, that you have an idea of how their business operates and how it should tie into NetSuite.

I would buy Peter Ries’ book if given the opportunity or give it to new members of my team. I think there are a lot of things to learn about NetSuite and Peter is a great writer.

Sharing is Caring

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