I’m Writing a Book! - I'm really excited to announce that I am writing a book on Lightning Web Component development for Packt Publishing.
Salesforce Lightning Are Salesforce Lightning Components (Aura) dead? - No! Salesforce Lightning Components (Aura Components) are likely to live on for quite a few years. I do think that the Lightning Web Component will eventually lead to the Lightning Component falling out of use.
Salesforce Lightning Should I still be building Lightning Components? - There is no requirement right now to completely rebuild Aura components because Aura and Lightning Web Components can work together. They are completely interoperable.
What is Master Data Management (MDM)? - Master data management (MDM) is the process and tools that are used to reduce redundancy and conflicting information.
REST API Architecture 101 - The API architecture is made up of four different layers: the Interaction Layer, Integrational Layer, Application Layer, and Information Management Layer (databases).
7 Tips for Writing Better API Documentation - If an API isn’t documented, the chance of it being consumed by other developers is incredibly low. For a very long time, companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Apple were dominant players in technology. They were dominant players because they had a compelling product and great documentation.
Establishing an API First Approach - An API First Approach implies that the API is a first class citizen. The API is developed with the goal of API consumption in mind. The API is our point of differentiation.
What is an API program? - An API program is a plan that a company has developed to market, support and monetize a public API. There are thousands - maybe even tens of thousands of companies with public and open APIs.
5 Differences Between REST & SOAP - REST and SOAP are different ways of transmitting data between two different systems via an API. REST is a set of architectural principles. SOAP is a protocol maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium.
What are unified APIs? - A unified API is an abstraction that allows us to combine APIs for multiple providers – giving us one place to access all of their endpoints.
7 Common API Development Terms - When building and maintaining APIs there are a lot of different terminology that you need to be aware of. This isn't a complete list, but it's enough to make you dangerous.
4 Reasons why ERP Implementations Fail - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations often fail. Most ERP implementations fail the first time around OR go dramatically over budget or take longer than expected.