What is Master Data Management (MDM)? - Master data management (MDM) is the process and tools that are used to reduce redundancy and conflicting information.
REST API Architecture 101 - The API architecture is made up of four different layers: the Interaction Layer, Integrational Layer, Application Layer, and Information Management Layer (databases).
7 Tips for Writing Better API Documentation - If an API isn’t documented, the chance of it being consumed by other developers is incredibly low. For a very long time, companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Apple were dominant players in technology. They were dominant players because they had a compelling product and great documentation.
Establishing an API First Approach - An API First Approach implies that the API is a first class citizen. The API is developed with the goal of API consumption in mind. The API is our point of differentiation.
What is an API program? - An API program is a plan that a company has developed to market, support and monetize a public API. There are thousands - maybe even tens of thousands of companies with public and open APIs.
5 Differences Between REST & SOAP - REST and SOAP are different ways of transmitting data between two different systems via an API. REST is a set of architectural principles. SOAP is a protocol maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium.
What are unified APIs? - A unified API is an abstraction that allows us to combine APIs for multiple providers – giving us one place to access all of their endpoints.
7 Common API Development Terms - When building and maintaining APIs there are a lot of different terminology that you need to be aware of. This isn't a complete list, but it's enough to make you dangerous.
4 Reasons why ERP Implementations Fail - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations often fail. Most ERP implementations fail the first time around OR go dramatically over budget or take longer than expected.
Salesforce Logo What is the difference Between enterprise WSDL and partner WSDL in Salesforce? - When connecting to the Salesforce SOAP API, there's two different WSDL options: the Enterprise WSDL and the Partner WSDL.
Salesforce Logo Creating a Custom Salesforce REST API Endpoint - Apex classes and methods can be exposed to external applications as REST based endpoints. This means that there's a very easy way to have an external application make a direct call into Salesforce to do a specific action.
How should a REST Endpoint Handle No Results? - Handling no results in a collection endpoint and at a singular resource can be a bit of a tricky situation.