Why I love NetSuite

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NetSuite is customizable, cloud based, enterprise software for running a small-medium or mid-market sized business. Aside from Salesforce, there isn’t really much software out there that allows a company to tightly integrate all of the business into one solution that can scale really well.

The Platform

As a cloud based platform NetSuite can be implemented and configured fairly quickly without a lot of the high initial IT costs and ongoing it maintenance costs.

Easy to Customize

Customizing enterprise software can be really difficult if the system doesn’t have a unified data model or multiple potential sources of truth. By using SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteBuilder or apps from the SuiteApp Store we can really customize for a specific business. NetSuite can be customized to meet a businesses exact business requirements and even customize a process to work end to end.

Real time Reporting

With NetSuite it’s possible to build some pretty good real time dashboards and reports that allow the business to see a lot of core metrics in finance, sales, marketing or even in professional services.

Sharing is Caring