What’s the difference between Scrum and Kanban?

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Kanban and scrum are both agile frameworks for managing how stuff gets done. Agile is basically a set of ideals and principles that guide us on how to work together to get stuff done well and efficient.

Scrum is all about defined functions and roles. For example, the product owner / product manager are really defined functions on what needs to be developed. Kanban doesn’t really worry about that, it worries more about delivery continually when the team is ready.

Scrum requires checking the work that is done at the end of each day, if something doesn’t get done in time it’s simply added to the next sprint cycle until the team is completed. In kanban, only one activity is allowed to be done at a time.

It’s possible to do scrum and kanban at the same time, and that’s the way that I like to do things!

Sharing is Caring