What is the difference Between enterprise WSDL and partner WSDL in Salesforce?

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This post is part of the blog post series: Integrating Salesforce With Other Apps – A Series! Integrating Salesforce with other applications or sources of data can be really difficult.

When connecting to the Salesforce SOAP API, there’s two different WSDL options: the Enterprise WSDL and the Partner WSDL.

Enterprise WSDL

The Enterprise WSDL is strongly typed and designed for one specific Salesforce org. It will be different based on the org’s specific configurations.

Use Cases

When building an integration for only one company, you should use the Enterprise WSDL.

Partner WSDL

The Partner WSDL is optimized for Salesforce partners – it is designed for many Salesforce orgs. It doesn’t changed based on an org’s specific configuration.

Use Cases

For integrations that could connect to multiple uniquely configured Salesforce org, you should use the Partner WSDL.

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