5 Best Practices for Daily Scrum Meetings

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The daily scrum meeting should be a very short 15 minute time boxed event so that the team can synchronize activities and plans for the next 24 hours. The meeting should optimize the likelihood that the sprint goal will be hit, it’s also a great way of improving communication and potentially removing unnecessary meetings.

Focus on the 3 questions:

What did you do yesterday

What are you working on today?

what roadblacks are stopping you?

Scrum meetings should be daily and short.

The daily scrum meeting should be short and only include the necessary details for every one. If someone is roadblocked and it’s going to take a while to resolve, it’s usually a good idea to immediately deal with that after the meeting.

Start the meeting on time & include any remote team members

The daily meeting should be short, and start on time so that every one feels that their time is respected. Ideally the meeting is at the start of everyone’s day but this isn’t always possible.

Remote team members should be involved in the daily scrum meetings so that you have every one working towards the same goals.

Make sure that the meeting respects every one’s timezone and doesn’t begin at 5am or something like that for anyone.

No multitasking

Everyone should be focused on the meeting because multitasking can cause the meeting to go longer or for people to have to repeat themselves. It’s really disrespectful to be multitasking and ignoring the peers.

Strive for Continuous Improvement

Every day we should be striving to get a little bit better, imagine what a 1% improvement could result in every day. We need to have discipline and avoid getting careless.

There’s always a chance to improve if we are constantly giving one another feedback.

Sharing is Caring

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