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  • What is Test Driven Development?

    What is Test Driven Development?

    TDD is a lot more than vanity metrics like the percentage of code covered by tests. Test Driven Development (TDD) is a development process that consists of the tests being designed and written before most of the code is written.

  • My favourite debugging techniques

    My favourite debugging techniques

    I believe that debugging is one of the most important technical skills a developer can have. In the average week, I probably spend anywhere from 20 – 30 percent of my time debugging. This is because my code isn’t perfect, sometimes it does legitimately only work on my machine or device.

  • 5 Tips To Write More Maintainable Code

    5 Tips To Write More Maintainable Code

    Writing maintainable code can be challenging especially to newer developers, because they won’t have experience with coming back to code later or having to review somebody else’s changes. In this blog post, I provide 5 Tips on How to Write More Maintainable Code.