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  • What is ORM?

    What is ORM?

    Most software projects need to talk to a database at some point – they usually do GET queries for data, update a field or create a record. In the past, people would write raw code that communicated with the database and built an object or some code representation of the data that they would manipulate. […]

  • 5 Tips To Write More Maintainable Code

    5 Tips To Write More Maintainable Code

    Writing maintainable code can be challenging especially to newer developers, because they won’t have experience with coming back to code later or having to review somebody else’s changes. In this blog post, I provide 5 Tips on How to Write More Maintainable Code.

  • Clean Code – Are Comments Required?

    On LinkedIn, I noticed a question that didn’t really have any answers or additional comments. “If I write clean code, do I need comments?” was asked by the user on the discussion board. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to write comments, but we don’t live in an ideal world.I think that you still do need some comments, but that the number and frequency of comments should significantly decrease.