jQuery Mobile: Page Blank

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jQuery Mobile is an absolutely amazing javascript framework that can easily assist developing mobile friendly websites. jQuery Mobile is easily summarized by its authors to: “Delivering top-of-the-line JavaScript in a unified User Interface that works across the most-used smartphone web browsers and tablet form factors.”

After adding jQuery Mobile to my first application, I discovered the page wasn’t rendering anything. When using firebug I determined that the body class had “ui-mobile-rendering” attached to it. The ui-mobile-rendering could occur in a few cases: javascript has died for some reason, or you have forgot to include a div with data-role=”page”.

The documentation for the jQuery Mobile framework is very good, but navigating through it on a pc isn’t exactly a great user experience. I hadn’t seen this page till I started really digging into the framework’s documentation and some of the different javascript forums.

Hope this helps.

Sharing is Caring
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One response to “jQuery Mobile: Page Blank”

  1. I too got this problem as I added the JQuery Mobile references locally but hadn’t started investigating documentation yet. data-role=”page” fixed it for me. I’m now looking forward to starting to integrate JQuery mobile into my website. Thanks