Intro to Lightning Data Service

Salesforce Lightning

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Lightning Data Service is a game-changer for Salesforce Developers and Lightning Components (Aura) because it reduces the amount of work required by developers.

Lightning Data Service is a centralized data caching framework that allows us to do simple CRUD operations (Create Read Update Delete) without needing to write any server-side Apex. This also removes the need for multiple SOQL queries which can dramatically improve performance too. 🙂

The Lightning Data Service includes new components that can be directly bound to records which even allows a user to potentially work offline.

Benefits of Lightning Data Service

  • Avoids multiple repeat calls to the server for the same set of records or single record
  • Reduces page load time
  • Reduces server (app & database) load
  • Supports Offline View

Things to Consider With Lightning Data Service

  • @AuraEnable methods allow to support multiple operations in a single transaction
  • Only available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 (mobile app)
Sharing is Caring