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  • Introduction to the Knex.js Database Module

    Introduction to the Knex.js Database Module

    Knex is a JavaScript / Node.js library that is designed to make working with relational databases easier. Knex.js is a SQL query builder. It has the potential to make tdd and database versioning much easier.

  • Converting Access to MySQL

    For a client, I took on some very old ASP code that desperately needed some TLC before the site relaunches. While working on the project I had to convert an old Access 2000 file to a MySQL database. I found a free exe that met all of my needs for the conversion and safely moved […]

  • Book Review: SQL Pocket Guide

    SQL Pocket Guide by Jonathan Gennick is a small pocket sized guide published by O’Reilly. The book isn’t really meant to be a learning guide and more of a quick memory refresher for something not commonly used. There’s very little fluff in the this small tome on the different SQL implementations in DB2, MS SQL, […]