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  • Drupal CCKEditor

    Installing CCKEditor for Drupal is pretty easy, but does require the two downloads. CCKEditor Module and the actual editor. If you haven’t copied the actual editor you will see an error something like the following: CKEditor was not found at sites/default/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor

  • Learning Drupal

    For the last couple of weeks, I have began playing around with Drupal because I’m so sick of fighting proprietary CMS. The proprietary CMS suffers from the vendor updating only updating the CMS when convenient for them and this ends up holding the purchaser hostage. Overall, I know that drupal has enough of the functionality that I need in modules and the core to significantly improve the efficiency of my programming and possibly offer a large learning opportunity on software architecture.

  • Drupal + TinyMCE

    I’ve just really began to try and experiment with using Drupal, modules, and really starting to customize how things work. I have really been playing with open source Content Management Systems off and on over the years because I don’t feel that depending on proprietary CMS is the right approach and definitely rolling your own […]