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BRCline Consulting has been busy working on its first ecommerce site to create Niagara Fall’s Natue Bumz Cloth Diaper Shop.

The owner, Crystal Cline, needed to accept paypal, credit cards, and be able to create her own blog along with adding inventory, and all of the traditional sort of business functions. I chose magento to take advantage of the large exploding community and realized I would really only need to create a theme along with doing some configuration to give Crystal exactly what she needed.

Check it out.
Nature Bumz - Cloth Diapers - Niagara Falls

Author: Brian Cline

Brian is a programmer living in Niagara Falls with ten years of development experience. He is passionate about automation, business process re-engineering, and gamification. For the last six years or so, he has been working with Salesforce and JavaScript.

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Sharing is Caring