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WordPress – Auto Tweeting

A couple of visitors have asked me how I am automatically tweeting my post title to twitter: I’m of course using a plugin that required very little configuration and making sure that I always use Posts -> Add New because the quick post functionality doesn’t work. The plugin I’ve been using that has worked so far without a hitch is called Just Tweet That Shit.

I chose Just Tweet That Shit because it uses the oAuth API, doesn’t include features I don’t want to use, and it can properly shorten urls.Configuration took less than five minutes which was also extremely simple and to the point: the hardest point was actually getting a Twitter API Key.

Overall, I really only have two complaints with Just Tweet That Shit: I don’t like that it doesn’t auto tweet on scheduled posts, and that it doesn’t current auto tweet on quick posts. If you have found an auto tweeter that can auto tweet on scheduled posts and on quick posts I would love to hear.

Hope this helps!

Canadian Software Developers on Twitter

I am very honoured to say that I have been mentioned by John Bristowe as one of the developers in Canada You Should Follow on Twitter.

John has already been accused of including only Microsoft centric developers, but I’m certain there must be many other programmers like me that don’t normally use Windows, or Microsoft’s development tools. It isn’t that I hate Microsoft’s .NET Framework and it’s IDE, because I really do think that it can be the best tool for the job: very seldom would I consider developing something for a Windows machine without using C#.NET or VB.NET. (Of course, I absolutely hate Visual Basic 6 and strongly believe we need to make every effort to leave the past in the past.)