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  • How I became a Salesforce Developer

    How I became a Salesforce Developer

    I believe that most Salesforce developers that started before trailhead started in a way similar to mine. I didn’t plan on becoming a Salesforce Developer.

  • Book Review:The Passionate Programmer

    “The Passionate Programmer” is an excellent read and that I feel I have learned more about myself than I would have ever thought. I would never say that it is the next Code Complete or Code Craft, but it can definitely help you develop a meaningful career.

  • Questions to Ask In An Interview

    I’ve been involved in interviewing people, and like everyone I have also been interviewed. I believe that when you are interviewing for a company, it is a time for both parties to determine if you will fit into the corporate culture so everyone should ask questions. I strongly believe that if something really bothers you […]