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Fixing Hacked by iSKORPiTX

iSKORPiTX is some cracker that has apparently maliciously attacked thousands of websites and served mostly as a pain in the butt to the web development community and their customers. Godaddy appears to be one of his major targets as he maliciously hacks their websites.

One of my clients, hosted on Godaddy, was hacked by iSKORPiTX. How I resolved the issue is simple:

  1. Alert customer, have customer call Godaddy and complain.
  2. Change Godaddy password to something else
  3. Delete the following files: index.php, index.htm, index.html, default.htm, default.html, default.php
  4. Check each and every directory

Apparently, Godaddy’s software sucks and is easily hacked.