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Sharing is Caring

As a software developer, I’ve always been interested in working on things that I could potentially use and benefit from. For a long time, that’s meant that I worked on little projects for things I could use at home or for various side hustles.

A few months ago, I became aware of a startup located about 15 minutes from my house that was struggling with an increasing number of users and getting paying clients.

Caddle is a really interesting company because they are doing targeted digital coupons and targeted trial of new products. I’m hoping that I can assist them get more into traditional marketing and disrupting the likes of Nielsen, and Ipsos.

As a parent to four kids, one of my family’s biggest expenses is food. For those that know me personally, they know that I’m really passionate about personal finances and investing for the future.

Over the years, I’ve done a couple of freelance projects for people that wanted to build something like Caddle, but never seemed to get any sort of scale.

Caddle seems to be different; they have a number of paying consumer packaged good’s companies as clients and have quite a few active users. I’m very excited to get back into market research and helping people save money.

Also very excited to be able to spend a lot more time with my kids than in my car commuting.

Sharing is Caring