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  • Understanding how to use REST API and HTTP

    Understanding how to use REST API and HTTP

    A REST API is a type of API that confirms to the RESTful constraints. REST is designed to take advantage of existing protocols like HTTP. HTTP Status Codes and HTTP Methods are the building blocks of building a good RESTful API.

  • What are REST API’s constraints?

    What are REST API’s constraints?

    REST or REpresentational State Transfer is an API architecture style that uses a uniform interface.  For an API to be RESTful there are six rules that it needs to follow.

  • API Style Choices

    API Style Choices

    APIs come in many different styles and types. Before running into a style we need to understand the different options and the trade offs that we are making.

  • 5 Best Practices for Designing RESTful APIs

    5 Best Practices for Designing  RESTful APIs

    Over the years, I have been really blessed to work on a number of API developments and to be able to consume a lot of APIs as well whether the APIs were in finance, sales automation (salesforce), or other services. A lot of the APIs had really noticeable deficiencies which I feel really made using […]

  • HTTP Status Codes Explained

    HTTP Status Codes Explained

    As part of the HTTP protocol HTTP Status Codes are returned to allow software to easily identify what the problem is and what they should do in response.

  • What is An API

    What is An API

    API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. An API is a way for two applications to talk to one another. I like to think of an API as a data pipe that connects two systems together. Probably most software and hardware you are using uses an API because the server has to talk to […]